In today’s fast-paced world, there is a simple solution to counter the stress of high-tech. It’s called “high-touch” or “massage.” In a society of “instant everything” we all seem to be running flat out. Our bodies get sick to slow us down, and we wonder what happened.


ne of the oldest healing therapies for “Hurry Sickness,” and for many other illnesses, is the healing touch of Massage Therapy. And yet, what amazes me is how misunderstood and unknown this therapy is.

Every living creature has a craving and a need to be touched. Touch is one of our basic human needs - as important as food and water. Massage Therapy acts as the perfect antidote for stress, while fulfilling our need for touch. Massage sends a message to the body to slow down and relax. With this relaxation comes a harmony, a sense of wholeness and inner peace.

Years ago I had a massage therapist, Mrs. Wilma Bolton. She had to have been the most loving and caring person on earth. She was absolutely wonderful. Let me share with you what was like to be pampered by her for one hour.

As the healing, soothing massage begins, Mrs. Bolton, checks with you to be certain that you are comfortable, “Would like the window open so hear the sound of the water falling over the dam outside, or would you prefer the window closed?” - “Would you like the music a little softer perhaps?” - “How is the room temperature?” - “Are you comfortable”.

When she is certain that everything is just perfect, she begins, in quiet tone, to coach you to relax. “Now take all your worries, your cares, the things that you have to do, and drop them into a basket outside the door. You can pick them up on your way out. This is your time to relax your mind and your body. It is your time to heal.” Then for an hour she works those tense muscles, muscles you didn’t even know you had.

At the end of each session, I would feel as if all the stresses and worries in life had been erased and I get to start over from point zero. After a massage session, I feel as if my creativity and my problem-solving ability have been boosted. I feel terrific!

Self-Test - Do I Need A Massage

This is a simple test to determine if massage would be beneficial for you. Think about the past year and rate yourself using the following scale.

0 = Not true for me

5 = Slightly true for me

6 = Generally true for me

7 = Very true for me

____ 1. I get sick two or three times a year.

____ 2. I feel pressured.

____ 3. I get headaches.

____ 4. I sometimes wake up tired or exhausted.

____ 5. I seem to forget things more easily.

____ 6. I have trouble falling asleep.

____ 7. I have gastro-intestinal problems.

____ 8. I have high blood-pressure.

____ 9. I have aches and pains.

____ 10. I feel alone and unconnected.

____ 11. I have anxiety attacks.

____ 12. I sometimes feel tired and worn out.

____ 13. I’m less enthusiastic about life lately.

____ 14. I worry more than I used to.

____ 15. My neck and shoulders feel tight.

____ 16. I feel burnt out by day’s end.

____ 17. My sex drive has changed (for the worse).

____ 18. I have more trouble focusing.

____ 19. My mind is not as clear as it used to be.

____ 20. I don’t seem to have enough time for what I want to do.


What your score means:

1 – 20 Excellent. You are really taking care of yourself.

21-50 Normal. A massage session would be therapeutic and fun.

51-75 Caution area. Time to take some action and get your life in control. Slow down a little and get a massage.

76-99 Burn-out area. You may be about to have some serious health problems. Time to re-evaluate your life and get a massage now.

100+ Danger zone. Did you really score over 100? It is time to make some major changes in your life. Get a massage today!

Ben Kubassek is an international expert on social entrepreneurship, author, and speaker. He’s on a mission to help young people in developing countries launch their own businesses in order to create jobs and bring transformation to their communities.

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