Opportunities are Usually Disguised as PROBLEMS

Most problems hide opportunities. Remember the saying "a blessing in disguise"? In the midst of everything certain experiences might seem tragic, but as time passes we might realize they were, in fact, useful lessons.

The only difference between opportunities and problems stands in one's perception. In other words, it depends on our mindset.

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PRIORITIES are the Big Rocks

Each year, a university professor would begin his first class by teaching his students what he saw as one of the most important life lessons about priorities.

He would start by pulling out a glass jar. He would place a few fist-sized rocks into the jar, to the top, and ask the students:

"Is the jar full?"

The class would answer with a unanimous "Yes".

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How to Make Your PASSION Your Mission

Passion is one key to unlocking the treasure chest containing your purpose and mission in life.

Getting to KNOW ourselves is critical in choosing the direction we will GO in life, and a solid self-discovery process starts with being aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

However, if we are to continue to GROW and make a significant impact we must make our mission line up with our passions.

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High Performers

High Performers: Their POSTURE and Habits

High performers, such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson, are incredibly talented. They have unique qualities and abilities that many of us don't have.

But, here's the thing: we all have unique talents.

What most of us lack, though, is the ability to create routines to focus and make the best of our natural talents.

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PAIN has a Purpose

Pain can help you find your purpose. Most people spend their lives focused on their own pain. That's why most people die long before they are buried: they are focused solely on their own pain.

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The Power of ONE

In most cases, it only takes one willing person to make a huge difference in a community, a nation, or even in the world. It only took me one "YES!" to accept the call to what has become my life's adventure; one step to begin a journey around the world and beyond. 

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How to Easily Transform Your Body by Completely Renewing Your Mind

I am a firm believer that a balanced life is only possible with a balanced diet...a healthy diet of nutritious food for our bodies and a healthy diet of wise words to feed our minds.

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The 8 PREDICTORS of Entrepreneurial Success

When it comes to success, it's easy to think that ingenious, intelligent, and diligent people will inevitably become successful entrepreneurs.

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In today’s fast-paced world, there is a simple solution to counter the stress of high-tech. It’s called “high-touch” or “massage.” In a society of “instant everything” we all seem to be running flat out. Our bodies get sick to slow us down, and we wonder what happened.

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Achieve Balance For Life By Doing More…Not Less

There's a common perception that life balance can only be accomplished by doing less. 

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