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Poverty caused by unemployment is a huge problem in developing countries. Most leaders agree that the answer is social entrepreneurship. The challenge is knowing where to start. That's where we come in. We specialize in helping them do just that.

KNOWGOGROW provides consulting services, customized courses, keynote speeches, workshops and training programs to assist visionary leaders of government agencies, educational institutions, and NGO's in developing their own Academy of Social Entrepreneurship. 

Our Mission

KGG’s mission is to assist NGOs and government agencies to inspire and empower young people to become social entrepreneurs.

It is our firm belief that social entrepreneurship is the new way of doing missions and bringing positive transformation to communities around the world.


Entrepreneurship refers to an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.

The following objectives are to be reached through entrepreneurship education:

  • Improvement of the entrepreneurship mindset of young people will enable them to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake.
  • Their attractiveness to employers.
  • Encourage innovative business start-ups;
  • Improvement of their role in society and the economy.


An entrepreneurial mindset covers aspects that help individuals to take action including taking responsibility for their own learning, careers and life. The mindset of an entrepreneur refers to the following personal characteristics: sense of initiative, risk propensity, self-efficacy, need for achievement and structural behaviour. Structural behaviour refers to the ability to work in a structured manner as well as the ability to persevere whenever faced with setbacks and obstacles.


Entrepreneurial skills concern skills needed to turn ideas into action. Higher education can give the skills and knowhow needed to run a business, however the level of application is usually lacking. The level of skills is assessed based on the following characteristics: creativity, analysing, motivating, networking and adaptability. Young people who have attended entrepreneurship programs are generally more creative, have more analytical skills, are more capable of motivating others to gain support and assistance in realising opportunities, and have better networking skills.


Knowledge is the heart, mind and soul of economic development. Entrepreneurial knowledge refers to having a broad understanding and knowledge of entrepreneurship including the role entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship plays in modern economies and societies.

Impact of entrepreneurship programmes on a persons employability

Overall, entrepreneurship education has a positive effect on the employability in terms of job experience, creativity in the current job and annual income even in paid employment. It seems to be easier for entrepreneurship graduates to find employment immediately after graduation and the chance of being unemployed in the first years after graduation is lower.

Impact of entrepreneurship programmes on society and economy

Entrepreneurship education is expected to improve the entrepreneurship key competence which will have an impact not only on the role of the individual in the economy (working life) but also in society (social and personal life). A more entrepreneurial role will be played due to entrepreneurship education.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is more than having a good idea and a strong work ethic; it also takes much more: Education, Mentoring, Right Mindset, Planning and etc.

Social Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is typically known as a businessman with an eye for the bottom line.  However, a social entrepreneur has more than profit as the ultimate goal for her/his company.

Social entrepreneurs have a head for business, a heart for the people and a conscience for the planet.  They make a profit, help the people by creating jobs and leave the world a better place than they found it.

When you teach people about social entrepreneurship, you in a sense teach them how to create businesses through the problems of the country.

Social Enterprises – businesses that solve social and/or environmental problems and re-invest profit back into the business or local community – are springing up as an alternative means for employment.

What Our Clients Say...


 Government of the Republic of Djibouti 

     Minister of Finance and Economy and In Charge of Industry

My relationship with Ben Kubassek became very intimate after his visit to speak to the young generation of Djibouti on the Know Go Grow principle.

Thereafter I became one of the aficionados of Know Go Grow.

Ben Kubassek is calling us by saying back to the basics.

I have benefited from his blog, his Twitter pages, from the seminars and also from his bestselling books, Succeed Without Burnout and Five F-Words That Will Energize Your Life

The principles of Know Go Grow are so acceptable because they are more like natural laws, and that is why it is bringing such a big impact, particularly in the life of the young generation.

Ben has spent more than three decades from the age of 21 as a tested entrepreneur. His life and livelihood are primarily shaped by the principle of Know Go Grow. And he is not only celebrating his own success but rather he is making himself busy in teaching the principle to multiply the effect he harnessed in life which is deeply reflected in his book Know Go & Grow to the next generation.

When you engage with the principles of Know Go Grow, you will be engaging with the natural principles of success as it is coined and synthesized by Mr. Ben Kubassek and which will help you practically to pass your legacy to the next generation.

Meet Ben Kubassek

Ben Kubassek is an author, speaker, and an international expert on entrepreneurship.
He is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of KNOWGOGROW International.
He is also the founder of several non-profit organizations and has passion for teaching young people in developing countries how to start their own businesses.
Ben has more than 35 years of experience as a real estate developer, home builder, electrical contractor, and humanitarian.

His Journey

Ben was born into the confines of a religious commune founded by my grandfather in Canada. 
By the age of 15 he knew in his heart that he wanted to escape and become a businessman.
At the age of 21 I left the commune without a college degree, money, or contacts to become an entrepreneur and started his own business.
By the age of 36 he had accomplished his life's goals in business and was chosen Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year and listed in Who's Who in Canadian Business. 
Ben Kubassek is the author of the bestselling books "Succeed Without Burnout" and "Five F-Words That Will Energize Your Life".
His latest book KNOW GO & GROW: The Entrepreneur Within You has just been published.

Ben's Life Purpose

After building more than 700 homes and many related related businesses Ben decided to commit the rest of his life to building people.
He is now dedicated to teaching, motivating, and inspiring young people in developing countries to know, go, and grow in their own businesses and in their personal lives.
Ben believes social entrepreneurship is the cure for poverty and that the missionaries of the future will be self-sustaining mission entrepreneurs who lead by example, showing people how to help themselves and move from victim-hood to victory. From being job-seekers to becoming job-creators.
Sustainable transformation requires more than teaching someone how to fish. We need to help them start fishing businesses that not only feed their own families, but also create jobs and transform their communities.


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