50 Small Business Ideas for Young People in Developing Countries

As a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker it is my life purpose to share my experiences (both successes and failures) with young people around the world to help them know, go and grow as young entrepreneurs.


In this article I share the top 50 small business ideas for young people in developing countries that can be started with very little money and yet have great income potential.

Here the list:

1. Accounting. If you have an accounting degree you can start a freelance accounting/bookkeeping service for other small businesses who can’t afford a full-time person..

2. Affiliate marketing. If you are a persuasive person, you can get a commission from a company for selling their products to third parties.

3. App developer. If you love computers and programming this may the business for you. All you have to do is sit down and create programs.

4. Appliance repair. It’s like a handyman but with a more restrictive area. In case you like repairing stuff, this is the job for you

5. Blogging. If you love to write, but don’t want to freelance, you may find starting your own blog more appealing. There are many revenue opportunities from blogging including affiliate partnerships, sponsorship, product sales and advertising.

6. Business plan service. Lots of people don’t have time to plan a business, so it’s your job to transform their idea into a business plan

7. Catering service. This job might suit you very well if you’re are passionate about food and it will always be a good business. People will always order take out, it’s like having the restaurant coming to you.

8. Child care provider. Many parents are looking for custom solutions for childcare. You may even be looking for a way to stay home with your own children, while still earning money.

9. Cleaning service. From this point you can choose which cleaning service you want to start (car, clothes, houses), or all of them if you would like.

10. Computer repair and maintenance. Computers are expensive and people rely on them to work. So when they are broken it’s your job to make them running again.

11. Computer training. Not everybody knows how to use a computer, or even how useful one can be. So you will be his/her teacher. Help them to help themselves.

12. Content writer. This job refers to those who are inspired and like writing blog posts, articles and basically anything the client needs.

13. Data entry service. What you have to do is enter into the computer information usually written on paper using keyboard, scanner, etc

14. EBay seller. Buy things and resell them on Ebay.

15. Editorial services. Here are some of the editorial services you can provide from the quiet of your own home:

a. Copyediting – improve the style, accuracy or text of an article, blog

b. Proofreading – marks the errors of the writer

c. Indexing – points out or guide to a reference

d. Ghost Writing – writing in someone else’s place, without taking any merit

e. Copywriting - writes contents for information, education ,promoting, etc

f. Book writing - writes books

g. Magazine article writing - writing articles for magazines with different purposes

h. Web page content provider - makes a web page more attractive and useful

16. Electronics repair. This business is similar to the computer repair business, but you will do all kinds of electronic equipment besides just computers.

17. Gardener. Taking care of people’s gardens, flowers and vegetation.

18. Grant writer. Your responsibility will be to take care of all the necessary activities to prepare, submit and manage grant proposals.

19. Handyman. If you like helping people and like repairing things around the house this is the business for you.

20. Home-based child care provider. The ideal person for this job must love babies because this job description is taking care of lots of babies and toddlers.

21. Image consultant. The job of an image consultant is to improve a person’s or a company’s appearance, reputation and help them make an impact.

22. Ink and toner cartridge refilling. Nowadays everyone owns a printer and new cartridges are much more expensive that refilling your existing one.

23. Interior designer. If you have a thing for design, fashion or art and if your imagination is creative, this might just be the job for you

24. Internet researcher. An internet researcher scouts the internet for information, otherwise hard to find.

25. Local community website. You can create a website for your local community where people will place ads or any useful information.

26. Massage therapist. Help people relax by using various massage techniques.

27. Mobile repair. Mobile repair covers so many areas from cars to computers. If you have a knack for fixing things and you don’t mind driving around to do it, you may have found your perfect business opportunity.

28. Moving service. Not everybody owns a car, especially one big enough to move their entire things from a home to another, so this is where you come in handy.

29. Music lessons. If you’re good at singing or playing any instrument, chances are there is somebody out there who wants to learn your skills.

30. Nutritionist. As a nutritionist you help people lose, gain or maintain their weight by changing their diet and life style.

31. Online introduction broker. The idea is that you will introduce clients to business owners. Every business is looking for additional clientele and the vast majority of businesses are also willing to pay nicely for it.

32. Organic farm and greenhouse business. Owning an organic farm and/or a greenhouse you can help people eat healthier and earn some money at the same time.

33. Personal chef. Lots of people, entrepreneurs or not, don’t know how to cook, or they are too busy, so they call for help and hire a personal chef.

34. Personal trainer. A personal trainer is in charge of helping a person exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

35. Pest control professional. Keep offices, plants, and houses clean and free of pests.

36. Pet sitter. This job suits best animals lovers. It’s like babysitting, but for pets.

37. Project manager. A project manager oversees the planning of the project, keeps track of the deadlines and assures that every objective is met and everyone is doing their job

38. Real estate agent. This person is involved with the selling or leasing of houses, flats or buildings.

39. Resume writer. The job of a resume writer consists of writing a resumes for job seekers.

40. Sales consultant. The idea of a sales consultant is helping people buy what fits them better as well as increasing the company’s revenue.

41. Senior care provider. The job description for this job consists in taking care of the elderly, and their needs.

42. SEO consultant. A SEO consultant guide you through everything you need to know for you to grow your presence online.

43. Social media marketing. Help companies build an online platform of targeted followers on social media.

44. Translation service provider. Provide translations from and into any language required.

45. Tutoring/Teaching. There are many areas of our lives where we could use a little bit of help with improving, including art, computer skills, organization, cooking, etc. If you are skilled in a specific area that other people have trouble with and love to teach, those skills tutoring or teaching may be your calling.

46. Udemy course developer. Develop online training courses that each people around the world the skills you have to share.

47. Virtual call center. Start a Call Center from your home as a freelancer.

48. Website developer. Creates or optimize websites

49. Wedding planner. A wedding planner takes care of everything involving the event down to the very last detail.

50. YouTube star. YouTube is used by millions of people, so it’s one of the best places to advertise. Being a YouTube star, you’ll get contacted by a lot of potentials clients.

Starting your own business can be the most fulfilling, rewarding and exciting thing you undertake in your life. What is holding you back from making the decision to go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur today?

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Ben Kubassek is an international expert on social entrepreneurship, author, and speaker. He’s on a mission to help young people in developing countries launch their own businesses in order to create jobs and bring transformation to their communities.

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