7 Smart Tips on How to Become Comfortable Taking Risks as Entrepreneur

  Starting and growing a business involves a lot of risk. Taking risks is not a really comfortable experience, especially when you are in startup mode. In this article, I share 7 smart tips on how to become comfortable taking risks as an entrepreneur.  Risk is defined as “exposure to the chance of injury or loss, a hazard or dangerous chance.” An entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable […]

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50 Small Business Ideas for Young People in Developing Countries

​ As a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker it is my life purpose to share my experiences (both successes and failures) with young people around the world to help them know, go and grow as young entrepreneurs. In this article I share the top 50 small business ideas for young people in developing countries that can be started with very little money and yet have great income potential. Here the list: 1. Accounting. If you have an accounting degree you can […]

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