About Me

My name is Ben Kubassek.

I was born into a religious commune founded by my grandfather. By the age of 15 I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a businessman. At the age of 21 I left the commune to become an entrepreneur and started my own business without a college degree, money, or contacts.

By the age of 27 I had accomplished my life's goals in business but when I hit burnout I realized that I was a failure at life.  That experience led me to become passionate about helping people in their quest for finding balance in work and life and becoming a keynote life balance speaker sharing tips for a work life balance and author of the bestselling books "Succeed Without Burnout" and "Five F-Words That Will Energize Your Life".

After building more than 600 homes and many related related businesses I decided that it was time for me to build people. I am now dedicated to teaching, motivating, and inspiring young people in developing countries to know, go, and grow in their own businesses and in their personal lives.

This site is a way of giving back by helping wantrepreneurs become entrepreneurs. I believe the missionaries of the future will be entrepreneurs. Not just teaching people to fish but actually helping them start fishing businesses that feed others, not just their own families.


Ben Kubassek